RAF Masirah & RAF Salalah Veterans Association

RAF نهرون جزيرة مسيرة & RAF صلالة رابطة المحاربين


Reunion 2012

The Cairn Hotel, Harrogate

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Snap, Colin, Mike, VicN, Reg, Dennis,Les & VicR
Jimmy Mallon, Mike Casey, Jim Andrews, Adge Cutler
Gala Dinner Table
George Smith & Ian Dudding
Norman Mitchell, John Hirschfield, Reg Bsll, Adge Cutler Jim Andrews, Mike Casey & Jimmy Mallon.
Colin Blakelock, Harry Irons DFC, Ray Curtis
John Hirschfield, Adge Cutler, Jim Andrews, Paul Pickering & Jimmy Mallon
Snap Crackle, Ted Smith & Colin Blakelock
Jim Andrews, Mike Casey, Jimmy Mallon & Paul Pickering
Ron Ping & the late Mike Dwyer
Ian Dudding, Reg Ball Dennis Cox & Nobby Hll

Dave Rose, Adge Cutler, Snap Crackle, Paul Pickering, Angus Buck, Nobby Hill, Mike Casey, David Lord,Ron Ping & Steve Lilley

Colin, Snap, Les, George, Steve, Vic & Jackie Melville
Same group, different Angle!
More of the same, is it dinner time yet?
Still waiting for lunch!
Hary Beaver, Keith Moore, Jackie Melville
Assorted Pongos! Ian Dudding, Nobby Hill & Mark Essig
Paul Pickering & Willie Cran
Willie Cran & Steve Lilley
Harry Irons DFC giving his presentation
Nobby Hill doing his "turn"
Mike Dwyer, Stew Garden & Jim McMurdo
John Hirschfield, Adge Cutler & Jimmy Mallon
Dennis cox, Alan Pearce, Ted Smith, Reg Ball & Jimmy Mallon
David Rose, Adge Cutler, Snap Crackle, Paul Pickering, Angus Buck, Nobby Hill, Mike Casey, David Laird & Ron Ping
Loyal Toast
Dennis Cox, Reg Ball & Ted Smith
Bill Birks, Norman Mitchell @ John Seccombe
Alan Pearce & David Lord
Jackie Melville & George Smith
David Rose, Adge Cutler, Snap Crackle, Paul Pickering & Angus Buck
Stew Garden, Adge Cutler, Jackie Melville & Jimmy Mallon
John Hirschfield & Steve Lilley
John Hirschfield, Jim Andrews, Paul Pickering & Steve Lilley
Ron Ping, Les Deighton Mike Dwyer (Ray Curtis to rear)
Bill Birks, Jimmy Malon & Jackie Mallon
Alan Pearce, Stew Garden & Jim McMurdo
John Seccombe, Mark Essig, Dennis Cox & Ted Smith
Vic Redmond, Les & Willie Cran
Jackie, Vic & Jimmy Mallon
John Seccombe, Mark Essig, Dennis Cox & Ted Smith
Nobby Hill, Ian Dudding & Dennis Cox
Snap, Ted & Colin
Adge Cutler, Keith Moore
George Smith, Jimmy Mallon& Jackie Melville
Harry Irons DFC, Snap, Mike, Ted & Ray Curtis
Stew Garden, Alan Pearce & Moss Rawlings
Colin Blakelock & David Laird
JIm Andrews and Mike Casey
Paul Pickering, Nobby Hill, David Laird, Ron Ping & Steve Lilley
Snap, Keith, Colin
Unkown Hotel guest, Jimmy Mallon, Moss Rawlings, George Smith, Jackie Melville & Vic Redmond
Les, Norman Mitchel, John Seccombe & David Rose

Alan Pearce, John Hirschfield, Willie Cran, Reg Ball, Harry Irons DFC

George, Jackie & Strings!
Jackie Melville
Vic Redmond & Jimmy Mallon
Stew Garden, Alan Pearce, Jackie Melville, Dennis Cox, Ray Curtis & John Seccombe
Les & Snap
Jackie Melville
Paul Pickering, George, Harry Beaver, Robin Cloke, Mike, Don Savier, Moss Rawlings
Ted Smith, Vic, Les, Snap, Colin, Jimmy, Stewart Garden.
Les, Colin, George and Vic
Vic and Jimmy
Vic, Jimmy, Jackie David & George
Dennis, Reg, Snap & Colin
Bill Birks, Ted Smith, Mike Casey & Don Savier
Reg Ball, Angus Buck, Mark Essig & Colin Blakelock
Ted Smith, Mike Casey, Don Savier, Jackie Melville
Ted Smith, Mike Casey & Don Savier
Reg, Colin, George, Les, Mike & Dennis Cox
George Smith demonstrating his comcen nightshift skills
Jackie Melville, Vic Redmond, Reg Ball & Angus Buck
Reg Ball, Angus Buck, Colin, Snap, Mark & Stuart
Les, Colin & Snap
Vic, Snap, Les, Colin & George
Vic Redmond, Snap, Les, Colin & Vic
Vic, Colin, Snap George & Les
Harry Irons DFC & Vic Nugent
Harry Irons DFC & Vic Nugent
Appreciation of Guest speaker Harry Irons DFC
Harry Irons DFC
George Smith
John Seccombe's Wobbly Wheel Tie


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