RAF Masirah & RAF Salalah Veterans Association

RAF نهرون جزيرة مسيرة & RAF صلالة رابطة المحاربين



Reunion 2014

(Spot the suntan!)


Dave Rose, Densley & Mike
The Retiring Comittee!
Reg shows the strains of office!
Shall we have a drink?
Preparing to go into dinner
Jackie in playfull mood!
Connie & Johnnie (wot no Adrian?)
Les, Vic (seated) Colin and Mark
Vic & Abdul Wheelie bin Liner
The 2 V bomber Models donated by the Association for The planned Vulcan Group museum.
George and Mark
Vic Nugent talking to Jackie
Les Deighton
?, ?, Angus Buck
Jim Andrews, Jackie Melville & ?
Colin Blakelock & Father
Keith Moore
Don Sorby
Don Saviour
Alan, Dave, Mike & Pam Bragg
Angus Buck & ?
Mike Whitmarsh ?
Reg Ball, Neil Webster & ?
Dave Rose, Dave & Pam Bragg
Jenny Wilson, Joy Sharples, Keith Taylor & ?
Alan Sadler, Dave & Pam Bragg
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