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Posted 15th March 2016

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st April 2016.. You may pay in a number of ways......

By post to the Treasurer. or

By post to the Membership Secretary

Reg Ball
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Posted 13 February 2016

Useful information about skin cancer caused by serving in hot climates.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Suqamous Cell Carcinoma which is a kind of skin cancer. When attending the hospital the nurse said that these types of cancer are mostly found on ex-servicemen. I then told her that I was ex-service and had served in Cyprus, Oman and Malta which are all hot postings. She advised me to apply to the Veterans Agency for compensation as my cancer is almost certainly due to my overseas service.
I did apply and was told that a doctor would come to my home on a pre- arranged date and examine me. The doctor did visit and filled in lots of forms and examined me and asked me about my service, He then went away and wrote his report for the Veterans Agency. I was most surprised some months later to find that I had been awarded a compensation payment.
A couple of years later while attending hospital for treatment I was diagnosed Litagio Malignia which is also a different kind of skin cancer and was again advised to contact the Veterans Agency. I went through the exact same process as explained above and yet again I was awarded compensation.
My advice to any of our membership who might be unlucky enough to have skin cancer, which has been properly diagnosed by a doctor, should contact the Veterans Agency, as you may be in for a lump sum payment or perhaps a War Pension.
During our years of service the danger of skin cancer was not know and we certainly did not have any Sun protection products like the ones available today. I definitely never saw any in the NAAFI or in Kimji’s.
I have told 6 members of my own Royal British Legion Branch to do the same and every one of them have been awarded compensation of some kind.


Posted 10 February 2016

Publishing committee meeting minutes

The committee are discussing the publication of the Committee meeting minutes at the March meeting. It is likely they will be published here on the Website This will give the members an insight into the workings of their representatives. The minutes are not being published to encourage members to question already made decisions, but to open up the workings of the Association to the members. Any members who disagree with decisions may elect to stand for the committee themselves!

We would welcome your comments on this matter. Please make your comments promptly as the decision will be made in 4 weeks. Any suggestions will be read at the committee meeting.

Send your comments here

Oman trip 2017

The organisation of a future tour of Oman (2017) is continuing. The committee is also looking into organising a shorter tour before this longer trip. Iy has been suggested that a trip to either The World War Battlefields or a trip to Cyprus might be possible. We are looking for your comments. Please send any ideas/comments to the Webmaster

Cenotaph 2016

If you would like to be a member of the team representing the Association at the annual London Cenotaph march, please contact the Treasurer who will be leading the party this year.

Posted 27 October 2015

The Patron has written to us to express the pleasure he and his wife Suzie experienced at the 2015 Reunion.


Dear Steve,

I write following the most successful and enjoyable Association Gala Dinner last Saturday to thank you all so very much for such incredibly generous hospitality that everybody afforded to me and Suzie; for the extremely generous gifts of the flowers and vase to Suzie and the magnificent painting that Dorie had so kindly done for me.

The entire evening was arranged with such great precision and efficiency and was huge fun. These things take a great amount of organisation and so I would be most grateful if you could pass on our gratitude to all those who made it possible.  It was also a real delight to meet so many Members and their partners, although I fear that I didn’t quite manage to speak to them all personally.  I was struck by their genuine and heartfelt sense of comradeship and the evident good humour and I look forward to being able to spend more time with them in the future.

 I am delighted that Vic Nugent will be staying on as our Secretary for a further year, and that other Committee Members too have agreed to serve for a little longer: they will all provide the essential continuity needed to continue our development.

It has been very good of you to be our Chairman whilst living overseas, and yet ensuring that you attend events and give the Association such good support. For that I and all my colleagues are most grateful, and we hope that you and Dorie enjoy the rest of your current stay in the UK.

I would be very pleased if you could let the Members see this note, and again, please accept our gratitude for the great kindness and courtesy that ensured that we had such a very pleasant time with you in Birmingham.

Yours Sincerely,

David Crwys-Williams




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