RAF Masirah & RAF Salalah Veterans Association

RAF نهرون جزيرة مسيرة & RAF صلالة رابطة المحاربين

Established 2011

Kimji Ramdas Online!

Kimji Ramdas Jnr our founder

Worldwide Corporate HQ

Sandcastles for Dummies (Moonies only)
Donkey Accelerator Kit
Radio 65 mobile receiver kit
1 Rial
100 beizas
5 Rial
Large stock of modern building materials
Melt into the crowd (look like a local)
Back Scratcher
Individually priced!
4 Rials
350 Beizas
Crash helmet (for low flying ceiling fans)
All the Latest Western Drinks
Local Taxi Service
400 Beizas
1 Rial per can. (2 for the price of 3)
50 beizas per mile
Season Ticket for Masirah State Railway

Something to enjoy with the after eights and coffee

Curry Puff includes free ticket for Pakistani club bingo
150 Rials
5 Rials
3 Rials
Pork Sausage / Bacon Roll
Fresh Eggs!.........
Yimkin Airways Chuff Chart
- Sorry out of stock!
What are they?
5 Rials

Coconut Oil guaranteed to cook you perfectly SPF 0 (nil)

Get home safely in the dark (after POSB supper)
Bondu Boot
1 Rial
2 Rial (Terms available for genuine POSBs)
Bargain ! Half Price.
Limited stocks.When it's gone, it's gone!

The very latest in Modern Advertising is availble to all our clients.

All the best sites to place your message!

Huge high quality audience.


Fantastic rates!!


If you cant find what you want........ just ask!

All major credit cards accepted! (POSB particularly welcome)

If you want to find really cool stuff look here


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