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Established 2011

Patron: Air Vice Marshall David Crwys-Williams CB FCIPD FCIM, (RAF, Rtd)


Masirah was first used as a British military base in the early 1930s. A small stone building, a fuel store for flying boats, was at the midpoint of the island on the West side, and was marked with a stone above the door inscribed "RAF 1936".
The base continued to expand into the 1970s supporting British and Oman forces fighting insurgents during The Dhofar Rebellion and providing transit facilities for long distance RAF flights to the Far East. The British military presence at RAF Masirah extended until 31 Mar 1977, when the base was handed over to the Sultan of Oman's Air Force (now the Royal Air Force of Oman),

Masirah Island (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

The RAF Masirah & RAF Salalah Veterans Association was formed
 in October 2011 by Briitish ex-servicemen who served in Oman

Salalah is the second largest city in the Sultanate of Oman, and the largest city in the Dhofar Provence. Salalah is also the birthplace of the current Sultan, Qaboos bin Said.
Sultans traditionally lived in Salalah rather than in Muscat, the capital and largest city in Oman; Qaboos bucked this trend, and has lived in Muscat since he ascended to the throne in 1970. The Dhofar Rebellion was launched in the province of Dhofar against the Sultanate of Oman, which had British Military support, from 1962 to 1976.
It ended with the defeat of the rebels, with the help of The British Forces in 1976.

See The Battle of Mirbat (Courtesy of Wikipedia) more info

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